Qualities To Look For In A Fish Tank

The only thing you would need to keep fish is a fish tank. But if you don’t include filtration, the amount of work you’ll need to do to keep your aquarium healthy and clean will be increased. If your tank is small, you need to frequently change the water. Moreover, smaller tanks or bowls are quite harder to cycle and less stable if they are cycled. Apart from that, a smaller tank must house fewer fish. Generally, the bigger the tank is, the easier it will be to be taken care of. This will also create headaches in the long run.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Fish Tank

Water Tight – When the tank is not water tights, it will be hard for you to house your aquatic pets because of quick degradation of their environment. If there is water leakage, the fish will have less room, greater concentrations of waste, and less dissolved oxygen. Moreover, water leakage can cause problems outside the tank. And these include damage to furniture, flooring, building structures, and personal belongings.

Non-Water Soluble – When the tank is water soluble, it won’t hold up the first requirements, which is water tight.

Sturdy – You will be at risk of having problems of being water tight if the tank is not sturdy. If you have a sturdy tank, future breaks will be prevented.

Non-Toxic – When the tank is made of toxic materials, plenty of fish will die either from the small amounts of toxins which will be released in the water or perhaps from chewing in the enclosure. The possibilities of toxins being released in the water will be reduced if the materials can hold up to being non-water soluble.

It is also important for you to consider the aesthetics of the container. These considerations are very crucial in order to make sure that your fish will become very clean and healthy.

Maintaining Your Fish Tank

Apart from fish tank, you also need to consider the environmental requirements of your fish. If it needs to be warm, get a heater. Filter will also be necessary to keep the water from becoming toxic.

There is some clean-up necessary with your aquarium. You need to keep up with the regular weekly 10-15% water changes. Bear in mind that insufficient water changes will cause several problems, making the aquarium less enjoyable and the environment less healthy for your fish. Your tank will become more rewarding if you keep up with regular water changes.

How to Prepare for a Horse Show

With spring in the air and competition season beginning it’s time to get serious about the upcoming show season. Preparation is key, for both you and your horse. So work out what you’re doing and when and work out a schedule to build up to it.

Getting your horse show ready

Once you know what shows you’re entering, practise for that event. Try lengthening and shortening stride so you can get the right distance between jumps, and always practise on fences slightly higher than those in the show. This way your horse should be calm and composed on the day. And similarly for dressage – you need to be confident that your horse can comfortably perform everything asked of them, so it’s a good idea to show them at one level lower than the level they perform at home.
During the winter months, like humans, horses can lose some fitness. Work on building it up again to get them back to their peak for show season.
Get grooming and trimming to make sure your horse looks his best.
Preparing for a show

Think about everything you’ll need for the show, for both you and your horse and make a list. If you’re staying overnight or longer you’ll need bedding, hay and grain for your horse as well as tack, grooming equipment, buckets, first aid equipment, paperwork etc.

With all the focus on getting your horse ready, it can be easy to forget that you need to get yourself ready too. Good quality, well-fitting show clothes will not only be comfortable, but also create a really good impression. If last years are looking a bit tired, consider investing in some new show attire. Mark Todd have a new Italian Collection, which is both stylish and designed with the practicalities of riding in mind, with breathable fabrics and machine washable jackets. It’s a good idea to take a spare set of show clothing if you can, just in case there are any issues (like mud all over your white jodhpurs!) on the day.

Of course the best way to keep your horse looking good for show season is to care for them well all year round. So keep up with medical checks and groom them daily, paying attention to their tail and mane to avoid knots and tangles. Bathe them the night before the show and braid them too, so they’re looking their best on the day.

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