Will Children Mature Into Reading Books?

Some kids are simply not interested in reading, especially in the early stages of reading. Once they learn to read they will be excited for a little while and then suddenly have no desire to read. This is fairly common and there is no need for parents to panic.

Kids like to be active and doing things that require them to have hands on experiences. When they read they are just sitting around doing nothing but reading. To them nothing could be more boring. Reading becomes to seem like a chore. After all, they are forced to read to complete their school work. They certainly don’t think that school work is fun. Then they start thinking that any time they read it is like doing school work.

Children who are not interested in reading can and most likely will mature into reading. However, if as a parent you have a choice you would rather your child to be reading, right? The most effective way to motivate your child to read is to encourage them to read books that are of extreme interest to them. This will give your child the best chance to finish a book.

If your child still has no interest in reading don’t fret. They will most likely grow into it. Many kids just need time to develop an interest in reading. As they continue to mature they are also more likely to develop a passion for reading books, even for leisurely reading.

The reason that I feel so strongly about this being able to occur is that I have witnessed it first hand. When I was in elementary school I hated to read. In the fifth grade our class had a reading contest to see who could read the most books. When the contest had concluded, I had a grand total of zero books read. Even reading a comic book was out of the question. Then when I was 18 years old, I picked up a book for no other reason than pure boredom. These days I read several hours per day and enjoy to do so. Who would of thought? Certainly not my parents! Kids will mature into reading, so don’t over react when they show no interest when they are growing up.

I realize how frustrating it can be getting a child to read. While this can be stressful it can also be a fun and bonding experience. Use this difficult time to create something special. I am a father of 4 children so I can relate to this challenging time. When your child is looking for some thing to read, come see all the quality selections that we have to offer. My own children have advanced drastically due to the quality of these books.